Thursday, September 2, 2010

Creighton Teal

(she went on a daddy date to Pei Wei)

For the past 3.5 years Creighton and I have butted heads from the time she woke up till she went to sleep at night.  A strange thing recently took place: Jackson is out of the house for 7 hours a day at school.  She's a different kid. I have always loved her with every fiber of my being, it was the liking that sometimes was lacking. But I just can't get enough of her right now. She's like my best friend and vice versa.  I really have enjoyed having her home with me, which, to be honest, I was somewhat dreading heading into August.  She is just so strong willed and stubborn and high energy. She has proved me so wrong. It's been a blast (most moments) and I feel like I am getting to know her, and love her and like her all the more with every passing day.
(she really enjoys dressing herself, and has NO fashion sense (or care) at all)

She's so special. God created in her such passion and drive.  She'll change the world one day for sure...and I'll be right there by her side as she does.
 (this was her first day of Preschool this year, with her fave friend Marly)

I am so so so very thankful for these past 3 weeks. It's been a breath of fresh air.  I think she's so competitively driven, like someone else I know well, that she was so busy competing for my attention that she wasn't being herself.  She's pretty fun one-on-one...and yes, Charleigh is still here and we play well with her too!  She's a great big sister to her, just a wee bit rough still.  But she's learning. She just loves her to pieces...sometimes literally!

God is good. I feel like someone was praying specifically for this and I just wanted you to know that God answered in a huge way!  So thanks from the bottom of my heart.


love said...

clicked here from linny's blog. nice to meet you! your family is precious.

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