Saturday, June 23, 2012


The Color Run! It was SOOOO much fun. 
 We started off clean and white! And all smiles...

There were seriously ten thousand people there! It was insane 
 First color!!!!
 Then I "fell" and rolled and got lots of color....(definitely dove)

 Pretty nicely divided on Luke!

 Lots of NewBeginnings youth/members did the run! It was super fun to do it with lots of people you know. Probably a little lame if you were by yourself. Proves you have to be in good company to have extreme fun. Except I had a little too much fun with the colors and literally had almost an inch of cornstarch in multiple colors in my ears, hair, eyes and grossly so in my teeth...

 looking absolutely gross and not necessarily caucasian at this point...


 This is such a fun picture...I only wish I didn't look so um...gross! But it was plastered across the national Color Run website! :) Way to go Jeff for such a cool shot!

 Very fun day! Until I got the "bill" for it. It was very expensive to run that! Wow. Ended in smiles nonetheless....

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