Saturday, June 9, 2012

A WHOLE Lot of Family Time

So it's technically been months since I've updated and now I am furiously trying to play catch up before year's end. What I noticed in the pictures while trying to even figure out where to start is 1) we have a LOT of pictures and 2) I really LOVE my family and the time we share!

Our summer was fast and furious and PACKED! This was National Donut Day....who knew? June 1st

 Same day, pretty cool, we got to head up to Bartlesville, our old stomping grounds! We went to Sunfest and had a ton of free fun!
 okay not all free...but pretty fun nonetheless.

 Then we went to Kiddie Park! I still LOVE LOVE LOVE that place. I wish it were closer now that we live in Bixby.

 We met the Fowler's up there for Mati's birthday!

 Then a few days later, Daddy headed off to Falls Creek and so we went to Branson! Nonna dressed us all alike to make it easy to spot us all! It worked well! No matter how ridiculous we looked :)

 We had SOOOO much fun and everyone was WORN out by the trips end! We were happy to have Daddy home after a long week away though! We spent a LOT of time at the pool this summer. Super COOL fun in the heat!

One day it wasn't as hot as the others, we braved the ZOO. They LOVE sitting on these tigers for pictures. It must not have been too hot at this moment because those things are BLAZING hot when it's hot outside!

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