Friday, June 22, 2012

Sports Camp

First time for everything...
I always said my daughter would never cheer. In order to eat my words, as I generally do VERY well...she of course decided she wanted to do Cheerleading at the first EVER sports camp they attend. Why do I even still say ridiculous things like "never, always, WILL, WILL NOT"? 

 One week later, I'm happy to say she wasn't really a natural but I think she did enjoy herself. We'll see if she decides to make this a lifelong thing or a one time thing.  Hoping for the latter...

Jackson wanted to give Basketball a shot so he spent a week doing Basketball camp.  He's so stinkin' cute (i've been saying that since he was just a teeny tiny guy and he's still stolen my heart...and always will, I just know it....I can say always there safely :))

 Charleigh had a great time being "only child" each night while Bubba and Sissy went to camp.
At the last evening's event (showcase) Charleigh had the best time EVER! She was hootin' it up and tearing up the dance floor...good thing Fellowship Bible Church isn't baptist...:) and yes we took her in her pajamas!

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