Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jackson turns 7!!!

We set up a super duper water party in our own backyard for Jackson's friend party this year! He could invite 7 friends and was thrilled to be able to do so. He started planning who he would invite in probably January (so for 6 months!) if not earlier. He had the perfect list, but unfortunately it was a busy weekend in many people's schedule and many couldn't come.  But we had so much fun with those that could come and in the end there were lots of friends there!

 My kids never get soda, ever! But again, not to say "never" I was outdone by the birthday boy's Nonna who had leftover "oldschool" pop from Papaw's 60th Surprise party.  It made for some wild and adventurous sugar overdosed activity!

 Watermelon boy....still all these years later....

 We prayed and prayed for young kids to move in nearby. The Lord answered in such a sweet way! Hailey and Riley have been a very fun addition to the neighborhood....most definitely in our yard!

 Chelsea and Josh were undoubtedly heroes to Jackson for coming to his party. He thinks Josh is his very best friend!

 Super slip-n-slide!
 Avengers came out and this guy LOVED it! Who wouldn't? That's the theme
 Still can't believe he's 7!

 Fun for all when it comes to water in June!
 Daddy and the boys broke out in an all out war with the swords. Daddy took some serious hits and kept on part of the party for me. All the boys were in heaven and Jeff's the superHERO for sure to this 7 year old!
 Jackson and Reece

  Some of the most fun was after the party when Jackson and Creighton found the bucket...which is now rendered useless for holding water....apparently they are not childproof...and now has a gaping crack down the side of it

 Chase and Walter with Creighton and Jackson

 Walter and Jackson

The fun did NOT stop there as we then headed over to Enid for Jackson's real birthday day to celebrate there with family! Pretty cool when Papa John and Grandma Debbie own a Cherry Berry and throw a huge party in your honor!

 Sporting two new jerseys (and a cool Thunder basketball)

 ADORE this picture of Debbie and Creighton!
 He got a sweet new bike from Grammy!
 He got lots of spy gear from Nonna and Papaw
 Charleigh didn't think his cool balloon was as cool as he did!

I love you more today than 7 years ago when I first laid my eyes on your fresh body. I didn't know it would be possible to love as much as I love you, but I do and it continues to grow and mature with you as you do. You are a brilliant and beautiful little man. You are learning and so very smart. You are growing in so many ways. I see amazing little things happening in your heart. Your compassion for others still continues to amaze me and you told me the other day you really wanted to do what Daddy does when you grow up, in fact you'll just take his job when he can't do it anymore, you said.  You said it would be perfect because then you could spend every Friday with me....because I said I'd miss you oh so much when you weren't living at home anymore. You thought through it on a deep level and were wise beyond your years. You play hard, love hard, feel hard. You are just like your Daddy in so many ways. You keep telling us that you guys are twins, and despite the age difference, you just might be...and if you turn out like him, I'd be thrilled. You have an incredible role model and I love that you look up to him so much. I love you little man and I can't believe you are a third of your way to true adulthood already. It's crazy how time flies. You are reading this year with amazing progress and excel greatly in math. You love friends and play dates. You love to eat and are eating a lot of food this year. You continually tell me that I am a good cool because you are sweet like that! You've had a great year and I am so proud of you. Love you and Happy Birthday!

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