Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blessings in Chaos

Well, if I am choosing to see the positives in Ike, then the biggest one of all is that my family has evacuated to Oklahoma for the time being. I didn't get to see them all summer long and so I am very thankful for the days we have now together!

However, there is much damage that they are returning home to, which is very sad. And of course, there are so many that stayed behind that are still in the midst of chaos, trash, debris, and damage to the maximum extent (all without electricity!). That must be scary and very sad.

I am glad my family is safe and so grateful for the time we have to hang out. We have done a lot of talking, loving, laughing, wii-ing, and eating! I love it!

I had such a neat conversation with my niece tonight on the drive home back to Bartlesville. I will treasure it in my heart always. I love this girl! She is awesome and I LOVE it that God is pulling on the strings of her heart and that she is so intelligent and asks some really neat questions. I LOVE it that she is aware of Him, that she is sensitive and that she is caring and compassionate.

She is staying the night with us tonight and hanging out tomorrow and I can't wait for more conversation!

Jackson and Jacob (my sister's 4 year old) are going a million plus miles an hour and acting not much unlike Hurricane Ike, in terms of disaster, noise, and fury! Man, they are just nuts. They adore one another and they hardly ever get to see each other. It's funny. It's annoying. It is humor filled and discipline packed days, but it's family and that's okay. These are priceless memories being made on every level. I wish they lived closer!

Praying for Ike's path.


Lu said...

I'm glad you're able to be with your family and that they are safe, but soo soo sorry about the damage. I know that has got to be a difficult thing and a stressful one.

Marci said...

I am glad you are getting some precious time with your family. It stinks that tragic things are the things that bring family together many times.

You guys were awesome yesterday with brining the Wii and setting up the movie room!! It was a big hit and perfect.

We are thankful for you both!