Thursday, September 11, 2008

Money Grew on Trees...

...well, kind of.

Last night was a surprise celebration for Jeff at Nikao for it being his 5th year anniversary at Grace, as youth pastor. The parent board team and Brittany did an excellent job of making him feel very loved, special, blessed, and incredibly surprised by it all.

I have lots of video and a few pictures that I will have to download later, but wanted to make sure to write about it today. We are so blessed by the families at Grace and our youth. They made 3 big cakes, a huge box FULL of letters of appreciation by families & youth, and a really really really wonderful money tree! Blessed our socks off!

Thank you Grace Community and Nikao for 5 years together from all of's hoping for at least 5 more! We love it here and are so excited to do ministry here. Thanks for your encouragement!
Jeff and Courtney


Lu said...

How special!

Dalene said...


We're looking forward to having our kids in youth with you all over the next few years! You all do so much and are a blessing to so many!

Vickie said...

those outside the Youth group community are blessed to have you both, too!