Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"fun thing"

You'll have to "go with me" here to really understand what I am meaning...

Jackson went with my mom to go see Veggie Tales Live on Sunday. He was very excited, she was very excited. It went well and they had fun. He talked about who he saw and how much fun he had, etc. etc.

Creighton didn't get to go.

The time we (Jeff and I) had with her was also very valuable and memorable and fun (in my opinion). I really doubt she understood that she was in fact "missing out" but I kind of felt bad for her, so we bought her a present at Walmart. It is a silly (albeit cute) little princess chair and she loves it and sits in it for (surprisingly) long periods of time. (turns out to be a really great purchase....)

Anyway, where I am going with this all...and it could lead to a million roads...but one in particular has been on my mind. This is where you'll have to be creative with me to get DOWN on my level of thinking here :)

There has been much fuss over the new chair. Fighting and arguing and jealously, and lots of chaos. Though explanation after explanation as to why Jackson got the show and Creighton got the chair, he just doesn't get it. (and really, why would he? I am being realistic as to his comprehension of the subject matter--although that is entirely a different subject matter)

It made me think that his "fun thing" was just something that happened and went away, not forgotten but can't really do anything with it now, just a memory. Creighton's "fun thing" is HERE, for them it is forever. She can play with it, touch it, use it, etc.

Reminded me to store up my treasures in heaven. To have my dearest "possessions" to be the things that will last forever, and not be taken by time, by earth, that can't be destroyed. Things that will matter. Things that aren't just merely gone in seconds time. Things that will be around. For eternity.

(disclaimer: i have not lost my mind. i do know that silly princess chair isn't going to heaven with her, although, jackson and creighton might disagree at the moment ;). that is why you had to stretch yourself to come down to my level of thinking for the moment. God uses really weird things in my world, because i am just me, and He knows i'll get it :))

I am not certain any of that made sense, but that is okay...I got the message, just not always good at relaying it, sorry.


Hannah E. said...

Ok, that was way clearer than you realize. Totally makes sense. And I don't think you're at a "lower" level to see God's truth in something like that. He DOES speak through big AND small things, and He's not any weirder for speaking through the small things. That's just Him. And thanks for sharing! I'm encouraged. And I needed the reminder.

Dalene said...

I totally get it and love those types of analogy. It's really important to see lessons in everyday things.

jeff said...

made sense to me...

Marci said...

Great analogy Courtney. I love it when we can use daily life to teach us lessons of God's truth. These are stories you can share with your children as they get older and they will "totally get it" better than just "preaching" to them!

Vickie said...

I thought it was great. Thanks for relaying it.