Friday, September 26, 2008

The Concert

The Rascal Flatts concert was a ton of fun! I really enjoyed it and myself and my 3 friends that came along with me. I really do enjoy their music--a whole lot! They are great and so talented. However, a few things struck me while I was there, that kind of hit me out of nowhere.

It got me excited for heaven.

We were in a sold out arena with probably about 10,000 people *much a guesstimate* and it was pretty awesome when we all sang together. I thought how cool it will be to be in heaven and sing to our awesome God with all our hearts a song worthy of His praises and a song where I will know all the words, and so will everyone else, and it won't ever get old. We can sing and dance and get excited and worship and praise--Someone worthy of it! Someone I do adore and admire and worship. Not some silly boys from Oklahoma who are no doubt gifted in the area of music, but not worthy of worship, as MANY were inclined to do tonight. Can you imagine everyone in heaven singing? I got a small glimpse tonight of how that sounds and the adrenaline and the rush and the excitement. I know it won't measure anything like it, but I was glad that was where my heart and head were, even amid the chaos and very worldy things...

You know what else?

God won't need an encore to come back out, He'll never leave. It won't ever stop. The party will continue without ceasing...that is awesome. In the words of Rascal Flatts, "take me there"!

I did have fun. I had a blast. But my eyes and my heart are just okay with being set on things above...

Oh yea, we had dinner at my favorite restaurant in the world: Shogun. It was fantabulous! I love that place. I requested Paul (the best guy there) and we actually got him as our chef. That was a great start to a great evening.

Ps. People watching is very entertaining in a scene like that. I mean really...really...really entertaining :)

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Lu said...

Thats kinda funny that you wrote about the concert that way. I actually am uncomfortable about going to concerts anymore... applauding, cheering.... just don't know how I feel about that anymore. Very few ppl truly worship God at church, but how can we go to games and concerts and get wild and crazy for talented, yes, but not Godly things. I am not trying to judge you for going to the concert- I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but its just funny how you wrote about this, because its something I've thought about for a long time and never heard anyone else say it! :) Glad we think alike!! :) And yes, won't it be awesome to be standing in heaven. We really like Rascal Flatts around our house- they sang in the Cars movie soundtrack, so we see Life is a Highway A LOT!!! Glad you had a good away time!