Sunday, September 28, 2008

This might just be my favorite post of all time!

We had a fun day at the Duck Pond on Friday. I was a little camera happy and took over 100 pictures. Here are just some of my most favorites. I really do enjoy my subjects. Creighton was being so sweet and cute this day. I have a few good ones of Jackson, but he was WAY more concerned with the sticks and rocks than looking at me. I have a lot of the back of his head ;) But, oh did I ever get some sweet ones...just look!
throwing rocks
so precious

partial smile. his full smile might just be too much for the camera :)

my sweet girl

serious. concentration



she's my little diva. she loves to dance and sing and does so all the time

just adore this picture. they look so serious...but I LOVE IT

so cute

hanging on the trees


Hannah E. said...

Those are GREAT pictures! You take really good ones with that camera of yours. The second one, Creighton with little piggy-tails, is so sweet!

Erin C said...

Oh....they are so BIG!...and so cute!!! Seeing those pictures make me so sad that we live so far apart.
Love you guys!

Courtney said...

erin i miss you and can't believe we haven't seen each other in SO long! wish you lived closer too!

and thanks...i think they are getting so big and so cute too!

it's amazing what you can do with a good camera (because I am typically not great) ;)

Kayla.H said...

Those are VERY CUTE pics!!!

Kathryn Chambers said...

Hey--you take really great photos. So very cute! Jackson reminds me of my younger brother. Maybe its the super-blond hair, maybe his sturdy build...but something about him brings back lots of good memories. Word of warning--never buy him a mountain bike unless you are prepared to have a serious x-treme sports kid on your hands!

Lu said...

You got some great pictures! So cute! I love the one of them walking and holding hands!!!

Becky said...

Those are great pictures! Creighton has changed so much just since we were there this summer.

sonja said...

How precious -- I also love Ray-ray's pig tails. She looks so adorable. Your kids are gorgeous and these are gorgeous photos. You really captured the essence of childhood!

khowze said...

Great pictures, you have a hidden talent there. Very cute kids too. Creighton looks so big all the sudden...what happened?!?

April said...

Those are amazing pictures! What a beautiful family!!