Sunday, December 14, 2008

Can you change tags? I did

There are these photo tags going around, and the one I am tagged for (well kind of) was for the #4 but my photo was boring, so I decided to do #7 because I can :)

But here it is anyway. It was Jeff taking silly pictures for something he was doing (probably Christmas party with staff and elders). But that is the really awesome Frank Phillips Home, if you are ever in Bartlesville, it is worth the tour!
So since that one wasn't NEARLY as cute as the one below, here is my....7th Picture.

(sorry honey)

She was probably about 5 or so months old. I am not sure exactly because it wasn't in a labeled folder, just a random one without dates. She really liked this mat. It was hard for me to leave her there long though because Jackson (only being 1 yr. himself, really thought it was meaning she was suppose to PLAY with him). I love this smile!

7th Picture in the 7th Folder in your PICTURES. Then tag 7 people...

I tag anyone who wants to join in. It's fun to look and then of course, just post for us to see. The rules state no cropping or editing, but hey, just have fun...


Suzanne said...

woman, you crack me up! i know...i was glad when my pic turned out somewhat ones wants to see a pic of my favorite chair or something stupid like that! haha...ADORABLE pic!!! love it! thanks for playing!

khowze said...

Cute pic of her. Can't believe how fast time flies...she's so big now and it doesn't seem that long ago she was a baby!

Believe it or not, in my 20+ years of living in Bville, I have never toured the Frank Phillips mansion! Is that like living in Orlando and never going to Disney World?