Saturday, December 13, 2008


The Saturday after Thanksgiving there was an accident and 3 youth were in the vehicle that rolled numerous times. One was pronounced dead on the scene. One was life flighted to Tulsa. One walked away with only scratches and bruises.

Today the other young man died.

2 very young and bright TEENS. It's hard to choke out.

The youth of Bartlesville still haven't quite recovered from Scott's death and I do believe that hoping for Eric is what was holding them all together. And now, even their hope for that is gone. It is so hard to try to comfort them. Especially those whose True Hope isn't God. And even then, at 13-18 years of age, who am I kidding--any age, it's just hard.

I hurt for my girls, the youth of bville, the families of Eric and Scott. Death is no fun ever, but no one should have to bury their child...

I know that our God is Sovereign and He has a plan. I know that our God has gone before us, down this very road when His Son died, and he watched him being buried. For some reason that gives me a small amount of comfort, enough to be able to attempt to comfort them.

It's just awful


Camryn said...

It is awful!!!

Hannah E. said...

That is sad. Ciera was staying at our house the night the accident happened, and she got a bazillion text messages and phone calls during the night about it. I remember, this will effect SO many people. One good thing that I think can come from people around you dying...(because this happened to me because of loss of life) that maybe being that "close" to death will inspire the teenagers who don't have a relationship with Christ or who haven't made it a priority to now want to get serious about it. Sometimes it gets us thinking about what's important in life and whether or not our lives match up to that. We can pray that for them. I'm sure you're in a tough place with having so many people in your circle affected by this, but you're perfectly placed in that position to comfort and help lead youth through this. I am thankful they have you and Jeff to walk that road with them.

khowze said...