Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Going out with a bang!

Today hasn't been one I would chalk up on my list of good days!

Although the morning started off with the kids sleeping in, that is about where the good stopped. At least for a while.

I wanted to go play volleyball with a bunch of adults, so I got the kids all ready to go and Jeff was going to come too. So we all get in the car. We are heading there and at a stop light a police car was behind us. As I was driving off from the light his lights come on.

I pull over in a church parking lot and reach down to get my license out of my wallet. Guess what? Not there.

That wouldn't be bad, but it got much much worse from there.

Thank goodness Jeff is with me because he had his license (although he wasn't driving) and we had the insurance for the car. The problem would be that, according to the law, technically speaking, our car was considered stolen, and the tags were very expired.

So, I guess my day would be a lot worse if the most severe actions were taken: impound my car and take me to jail.

But the worse part came when we got to the tag agency and they threatened to do the same thing because BOTH of our vehicles were in the same condition...expired tags and not in our name (null and void titles). Oh yeah, and the license plate number we DO have on the Nissan wasn't registered to anyone and wasn't in the system at all.

Again, thankfully, they did not take drastic measures in punishing us, other than financially we are now 1100 dollars in the hole. in the red. broke.

I think it is all just weighing in exponentially because just before we left for Enid this week, we had to get 2 new tires, new brakes, new alignment, new this and that for the car, costing us an arm and a leg (unexpected)

Then our sink pipes/plumbing was leaking all over our kitchen and Jeff spent a ton of hours and 2 trips to Lowe's to fix.

Then our dishwasher broke last night.

Then our oven we had to jerry-rig last night (thankfully not out any money)

On top of an expensive month for us anyway...ugh.

I hate money.

But I am very very very thankfully we have two cars still in our possession and neither of us is spending the holidays in jail.

So, note to all people who didn't know: you need to get the title changed to your name and get new tags immediately after you get a new/used car... it makes sense, but neither of us knew this...at all.

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Hannah E. said...

I'm sorry that happened! No fun at all. It took me a long time to change my plates and get all the stickers you need for Texas when we moved back, and I learned some hard lessons about that too.

Are y'all going to be in town this weekend? I have a feeling you're not, but I wanted to check. We'll be at Grace Sunday morning.