Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

So this year I am not sending out Christmas cards and I am quite sad about that. But, to make up for it, I went crazy with one on here...because length, pictures, price, and even time are all saved by doing it digitally and electronically!

Merry Christmas to your family from ours!

We had a celebratory year in many many ways this year!

Jeff was ordained as a minister in March. He has officiated 2 weddings and one endless counseling since! We then celebrated my birthday in amazing style as Jeff and I took a mini-vacation to Wichita, KS. Then, Jackson turned 3 years old and we had a fantastic day week of celebration for him and potty trained! August rolled around and it was a little nuts, as we celebrated our 5 year anniversary of marriage, Jeff's birthday, and Jeff's 5 year anniversary of being on staff at Grace! Creighton turned 2, so we had 2 parties! Last but not least, we had celebratory weaning of lots of things baby! No more cribs, no more binkies, no more nursing, no more baby anything!
Jackson and Creighton are going to school 2 days a week at Good Shepherd and I love it, and so do they. They are doing fantastic there and learning so much, as well, I get 10 hours a week to get things done or just relax if need be. Next year Jackson will begin pre-pre-K because I am holding him back a year. Creighton will have the teacher that Jackson currently has, whom we all love. I am hoping to put them into gymnastics as soon as Creighton is potty trained! I think it will be a really great fit for both of them and help coordinate them and expel some energy! :)
I am helping out in various places and I love it. I am staying very busy with youth ministry, the kids, the house, doing private volleyball lessons, playing ball, exercising, and odds and ends part time jobs. We also bought a minivan this year and so that has been a huge blessing to us! I am now a "soccer mom"!

Jeff still continues to work very hard to lead the youth in Bartlesville and loves it! He has an assistant this year and that is very helpful for all of us to ease the load and get more kids loved on. As each year passes, he loves what he does all the more! Besides doing youth ministry 24/7, he is serving in various other ways in our community as well. He stays busy, but when he isn't he still loves watching movies and playing games!
We plan to stay in Bartlesville until the Lord calls us glad He hasn't done so yet. We love it here! Our home is awesome and we are SO very very blessed by so many people in our congregation.

Hoping that the Lord blesses you this coming year. Grace and Peace to you all!


The Bergs

Jeff, Courtney, Jackson and Creighton


Laura said...

Merry Christmas! Thanks for the wonderful update! Blessings to you and your sweet family!

Kayla said...

Cute Pics!!

April said...

Adorable pictures! You are so blessed!