Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Birthday Party 1--Two Birthday Girls

Creighton has the blessing and honor of sharing her birthday with my maternal grandmother! And my grandma came up to visit for their birthday weekend (from Texas). It was very fun to see her (and my aunt and cousin).The birthday girls--by their birthday cupcakes!
Creighton was SO excited about her princess shoes--all 4 pairs of them! She wears them daily...and would wear them out if I'd let her. Thankfully they are all about 6 sizes too big and so it isn't an option...but she is so funny prancing around in them.

My grandma got some nice (and all breakable) things from everyone.
Creighton got several outfits and accessories, some kitchen play things,
a well loved (a cheap consignment present) Ariel doll and chair, Belle tea party set (not shown), anda beloved Cinderella book *and fun times with my brother's cat Dexter One party down, a birthday day and another party to go!

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