Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Funny guy

Jackson cracks me up on a regular basis and I never remember by the time I get to the computer...but I am going to try tonight
We were in the car and had just pulled into the garage. When I take the keys out, the music still plays for about a minute or two or until the doors are opened. Well I guess he was really into the song because it went off on its own (I was giving us a few minutes before the bedtime madness) and I hear "BANG IT!"

I look back and am trying not to laugh because I am almost certain he is trying to say "dang it" which of course I DON'T want him saying. So, I asked him what he said and he said (as he slammed his hands in his lap and made an awfully cute face, "BANG IT!" I asked again (really trying not to laugh) what he was banging. He said, "no, mom, i said bang it because the music went off"... I'll have to double check my words, but I am not sure that I say that...wonder where he learned it. Either way, it was pretty funny! I played it off as if he was saying bang though the whole time and eventually he just dropped it.

Then tonight he was his spider man pajamas that he picked out. He was singing the Spider man song that is suppose to go

Spiderman, Spiderman, Does whatever a spider can Spins a web, any size, Catches thieves just like flies Look Out! Here comes the Spiderman

like this:

spiiidurma-en, spiiiidurma-an do'in a spiiidur fing, spiidurma-en, spiiidurma-en duz his spiiidur fing wike a spiidur. Look Spiidurma-aaaan.

You had to be there because I realize now it isn't funny to write, but I was dying laughing as he was trying so hard to SING this song that he has no idea what the words are...sounds like me! :)

Also, just for kicks (and I am going try to get it on video soon) he can now say the Pledge of Allegiance perfectly (for a three year old who hasn't a clue what all those big words are) :) It is PRICELESS! I love it.


Kathryn said...

Did you hear my story about Elizabeth repeating my (half-sarcastic) comment to David, "Wow, that is one big-ass deer!" Yeah, one of my proudest moments...They never repeat what David says, but I make one little slip...

Christy said...

Love that story. You'll be so glad you "wrote it down" out here in cyber-land. It will bring tears to your eyes in a few years. I promise.

(: Love you!

jeff said...

Like you know the words to spiderman... you totally looked that up!! :)

April said...

He is hilarious! (And even though they are so cute and funny, we all need a break. I was practically salivating while reading your last entry!)