Saturday, November 15, 2008

Revealing Creighton's Place

Happy Birthday Creighton! (your official party)
I worked so dang long and hard on this cake. Definitely worth paying someone else to do it. They always turn out better anyway! But for my premier debut in princess cakes, I didn't do half bad...

She wore it for a little while, but I guess I didn't get a great picture of her...

This was her new princess toddler couch/rollout bed. She was very excited about that!

Grandma Debbie and Papa John also got her this cute little highchair for Emma which she loves and an Ariel Dvd.

The family...*(what is UP with my flat hair...I look weird)

And the GRANDFATHER of all 2 year old birthday party presents...I present to you Creighton's Place! (built by the loving hands of her Pop! (and grammy))

It's awesome. They love it, we've just not been able to play in it as much because of the rain since it's been finished! But it houses ALL of her dishes, food, kitchen essentials :) (out of the house since there are a million pieces!)

She is pretty happy with it! :)


sonja said...

Can my kids borrow Pop as a surrogate grandpa?

Kathryn said...

I had a playhouse like this when I was little...I LOVED IT! I am so envious. Please don't show it to my girls, I will never hear the end of it! I really want them to have one too, but you know...that takes time and money!

Oh, and from experience...don't expect these white walls to always be that clean. Playhouses with kitchen sets are perfect for mud pies!