Sunday, November 2, 2008

Money, Running, and Family

I don't have pics to post tonight, but it's been a whirlwind weekend...and lots of fun along the way!

Our garage sale went exceptional! We have a little bit of extra cash on hand, and a lot of extra space! We sold just about everything. I ended up keeping my Baby Bjorn, my bundleme, my Robeez (two boots, one slipper/shoe), and the I realized I forgot to sell my monitor! But other than that (and lots of clothes) we sold it all! It's weird, but good! I was sad about several things, but really, it's good.

Today is the last day my sweet little girl will be a 1 year old! I can't believe it. She is growing up so so quickly before my very eyes! She is talking better and more every day! She amazes me in so many ways. I just adore her!

Creighton was born on my Grandma's birthday (only grandparent I have left) and so that is very exciting because she (and my aunt and 2nd cousin) came up this weekend to celebrate. We didn't get to spend nearly enough time with them, although my mom and dad did, so that is good. We celebrated with homemade gumbo and cupcakes at my mom's on Saturday and then saw them briefly today again! I'll post some pics later.

I ran another 5K this weekend, although I said I'd never run in another one. I was exhausted before I started and hadn't eaten anything but a banana all day (because of the garage sale) and was sleep deprived and nutritionally deprived because the last decent meal I had was Wednesday night at that point. But all in all, I was proud of myself for completing it. I finished 25th among women (not sure how many total) and 7th in my age group. I really wanted to beat my time, but I didn't. I was 30 seconds slower. 31:35 was my clocked time. But this time it was harder because I didn't have anyone running near me...and my knees gave out on me again. I could have probably run the whole thing endurance wise, but I had to walk some so my knee would ease the fire breathing dragon pain. Becke said it was because I was getting old...:(

Anyway, it's been a fun and wild weekend. I am exhausted and am only up because I am making cupcakes for Creighton's class tomorrow! Oh, they are going to be so good!

Can you believe my baby is going to be TWO YEARS OLD in a few hours!? man oh man! She is a riot! Watch out world!


hyperactive lu said...

Congrats on finishing the run! We're all into running around our house with Hubbie training for another 5K. :) You sound like you've had a busy weekend! So glad you had good luck with your yard sale. We've had several over the last 6 yrs of marriage and never done very well. Sometimes its so much work for the little money you glad yours went off well.... Happy Birthday to your 2 yr old little girl! Wow! What a year! We really enjoyed Chandler when he was 2! He was so much fun and learning everyday! He would say the darnest things! BTW, what kind of cupcakes are you doing? I have to make cupcakes in a month for Bubbie's birthday and have never made cupcakes to take somewhere....

Kathryn said...

Have I told you lately that I am your biggest fan. Not only are you smart, pretty, and really, really funny, but you have the self-discipline to run, like I have not yet found! I would like to run, and try to run...but I hate, hate, hate it!

Jacklyn will be two in March. I will cry. My last baby, sad. I just gave away all of our baby stuff to our neighbors. It is wonderful to get it out of the house, but sad just the same. I almost kept my boppy pillow. But then I thought, for what? Nursing my sadness at the thought of no more babies--'cause I sure ain't nursin' no more babies! Finally, I decided it had to go...

Dalene said...

I'm so proud of you for that 5k. You need to let me know about these!! I need to try a 5k.