Saturday, November 22, 2008

Got Fit?

The 90 Day Fitness Challenge has come to an end. I am so proud of my team, my hubby and myself! My team won the whole thing with over 1700 points! Yeah us! We got Garfield's cards and movie tickets for ALL of us to go out! So very fun.

Then for the women, three from our team were the top three finishers. My friend, Amy, who worked SO hard and did SO well in the challenge won first place. Then I got second, and my new friend, Amanda, won third.

I lost 5 pounds and 4.3% body fat, and several inches (not sure how many exactly). I gained inches in my thighs (from lunges and step class) but that was expected.

Jeff got first place for the guys! He lost 12 pounds, several inches and I don't know about his body %, but I am sure it went down as well!

We weighed out this week and had our celebration and such this morning! It was very exciting! Jeff's prize was a family membership to the Y for a year! That is like $550 value! And since I love the Y and can't go anywhere else to workout because no one else has childcare, then it works out very nicely that he won. I got a massage and a $50 gift card!



Becky said...


Kate Monday said...

That is awesome! I can't wait to see you all over break...just a few more days! I assume you are going to be with your family for thanksgiving proper, but I would love to drop by and see you sometime...maybe friday or saturday? Just let me know! I love you and miss you lots...katie

Aubrey said...

Congratulations Courtney! I didn't know you were doing the 90-day challenge. That's awesome that you got 2nd place! I'm sure you can feel the change in your body. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Marci said...

Great job Courtney and Jeff! You are going into the holidays in great shape! Eat up!

khowze said...

Congrats!! Did winning that help your issues mentioned in the other post :) Can't wait to join the Y...sounds like fun!

Dalene said...

I'm joining the Y.

Do they do the fitness challenge every year? Because I want to do it!

You motivate me!!!! Let's sign up for a tri! I'll be the old lady who comes in last and you can be the young gal who wins.

We can get matching "T's," "Old gal" and "Young Gal."

Kathryn said...

So proud of you!!!

Okay--so when do you and Dalene become my trainers? I was doing so well, and then my asthma acted up, I lost momentum, and now I have gained it all back. Ugh!

I am in need of serious help!