Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wedding Pics.

Jeff's younger sister got married today. It was a beautiful ceremony and everything went AMAZING. Jackson was IN the wedding, and did a FANTASTIC job! I was SO proud of my little handsome man! He did exceptional. :)

Sibling love...they do this a lot! I love it and can't get enough. It's both of them randomly that initiate it...
Wasn't her dress cute. Glad she looked so cute. She was quite the devil and wild child. Thankfully she didn't stay long as the wedding was during nap time and she went home with the inlaws to crash while we enjoyed the wedding in peace.

This is the best I got of the two of them together.

this was second best if that tells you ANYthing...the others were AWFUL.

except this one...yeah for big group family pic that actually turned out decent! :)
(L to R)*Creighton, Jeff, Courtney, Jackson, Jeff's Dad, Debbie, Steph and Matt, Bree, Brent, Jennifer, Jessica, Layne

Mr. Handsome himself!

This was him on our way to rehearsal. He HAD to wear a tie. And he was very upset we wouldn't let him wear his tux (which he calls his "tuss"). And he wants to wear his tux to church tomorrow. He really liked the attention he got in it I guess.


hyperactive lu said...

Great pics!

Hannah E. said...

You should totally let Jackson wear his tux to church!!! That would be so cute and funny. Those pictures of the kids are gorgeous. And look how pretty you look!! Jonah will be in a wedding in March, and I'm nervous for him. Feel free to give us tips on how to prepare him. He's never even seen a wedding, so he's clueless.

Courtney said...

He wore it to church today...except we rented the shoes (we bought the tux) and so he is wearing it with spiderman shoes (the only shoes the poor kid owns) but he still looks mighty handsome