Thursday, November 6, 2008

Growing Up Creighton

Although it appears I have fallen off the face of the earth...I haven't! My husband has just fallen in love addiction to the maximum computer games, and I have been incredibly exhausted lately.

Creighton has been getting up at 5:30 almost daily. Most days I can get her to go back to sleep for about an hour or so, but some days not. Either way though, I am usually unable to fall back asleep. My body is in shock. For those of you who do this everyday and always have, I am deeply sorry. There is no part of me that wants that schedule, and believe me, if I could MAKE her sleep in later, I certainly would. It's just about to kill me. And her. She is so tired now. Her naps are about the same, and there are days where I can get her to bed a little earlier, but other days, specifically Wednesday nights, it is just impossible with our family's schedule. You'd think her little body would learn, but it isn't catching on too quickly that she DEFINITELY needs more rest, and so does her momma!

Speaking of little body...I mentioned in this post that I thought she'd probably gain 5 pounds when we went for her 2 year well-baby visit. Well boy was I ever wrong. I knew with her being sick on and off for a few days 2 weeks ago that she probably wouldn't gain as much since she couldn't keep anything in her, but man...the kid LOST weight again, even from her checkup when she was sick! I was shocked and a little worried, but doc didn't seem to be. She was 35 1/4 inches tall, and only weighed 25.3 pounds. She is like 80% almost in height and like 30% in weight! hmm... But otherwise healthy and doing great! :)

She is pretty much hilarious all the time. She loves to sing and read and does both constantly when she isn't just talking (and no one has to be listening)...although she often says : Mommeeeee, wisten me (and I crack up and then try to listen) :)

She "reads" a lot but mostly it comes out as: esus wuvs me is-eye-knowl-ee-byebull-ells-meso. (and yes, the last however many words come out all as one!)'s pretty priceless. And it doesn't matter WHAT book she is reading or what picture is on the page, that is the message...I am okay with that! :)

I am on the "other" computer that has no pics in it, but I have some to upload on here from her birthday. It was a fun day! I still can't believe she is two, but she reminds me hourly with all the fits and tantrums she is throwing lately! My child...I love you so, but your opinionated, hard-headed, prideful, strong-willed little self, well...I hope you and I make it through the next 16 years relatively unscathed...:) But, I do really really love you.

Your favorite things right now: Ariel, Belle, princesses, cell phones, books (galore), puzzles, kitchen/tea party, and of course swinging and Emma (as always has been)

Your favorite things to eat: waffles, toast, peanut butter, salad (with nuts and craisins), mashed potatoes, and anything with ketchup (chicken, chicken pot pie)

You love to go to sleep (both nap and night) with a book, a cell phone and Emma & Ariel

You adore your big brother and get so excited to see him and play with him. You can hold your own with him pretty well.

You love to build with blocks and read to your babies. You also LOVE to color, draw and be creative.

You are as strong as any 5 year old and you are 2 by merely a few days. You believe you can do anything, and you constantly prove that to the world. You are a fighter, a strong woman, with a strong mind. You can do and be anything. I love you to the moon and back...


Marci said...

A precious post about your sweet daughter. She is a blessed little girl to have a mommy who loves her so dearly!

jeff said...

and you love to tease daddy by wiping off his kisses!!