Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weaning of comforts (Day 3)

Well, let's see...

Yesterday, the both took really great naps (after it took a little while to fall asleep). After nap, Creighton didn't even ask to nurse! That is a HUGE milestone for her because after nap is usually a really big deal for her. Jeff claims that is the worst time for him always when I am not here and she would wake up. So, I thought that was great.

We played hard for awhile and then she just ran over to me and gave my legs a HUGE hug and then wanted me to hold her. I held her and kissed and she seemed fine with that. I didn't take into consideration that for 2 years I was holding her for about 20 minutes 6-10 times a day. So, I am making a concerted effort to just hold her several times a day. It seems to help her and me too, if I am honest! ;) I am still sad and emotions are high, but we are both doing great...her way more than me, but BOTH of us so much better than I ever anticipated.

I had the opportunity to serve at Apples of Gold last night and so they were with Jeff through the evening and to bedtime. He said she ate like he's never seen her eat before for dinner and was really good at going to bed for him, although she did ask for a bottle. She has been falling asleep in very hilarious ways these days now that she is in her big girl bed. She still likes to turn her light on and off. Usually when we check on her, her light is on and she has things in her bed or is in a random spot in her room. I have a few on camera :)

Here is how we found her last night:

and a close up! (with her light on of course...maybe it was too bright)... we got such a laugh
This was how we found her the other day! She had put a pair of panties on over her PJs and then passed out in our special chair that is now removed from her room! (this was the first night)

Anyway, Jackson still took a while to go to sleep last night for Jeff, but I think till he figures out HOW to fall asleep again with sucking, it will be like this, except for those times where he is so tired he passes out quickly. But really, he is doing well too!

This morning Creighton woke up at 6:30 and wanted to nurse but I told her no and held her and kissed her and told her how much I loved her. She really wanted me to hold her like I did when I nursed her, and so I did. She fell asleep within 20 seconds I think. I savored some time with her and then laid her down. She never made a sound. She got up at 8:30 and I am not sure if she asked to nurse or not. But she has asked a few times today, but I have been able to give her a drink or snack and she's fine. She is eating SO much food these days though it is unreal. I won't be surprised if she gains like 5 pounds before her birthday...when you only weigh 26 pounds, 5 is a lot!

I am doing okay. Emotions are better. I bought some cabbage last night and wished I would have done this earlier in the process. It helps tremendously. I also am taking lots of Tylenol and putting ice packs on when I can. I have found that ice/cold helps more than heat for the time being. I pumped last night and then this morning, even though I was hurting I waited till after lunch to pump again. It feels much better now that I have pumped. I have some leaves on and am going to lay down because I am just feeling exhausted.

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers this week. You are all so sweet! I really am doing well and so much (SO MUCH) better than I thought. I haven't taken the OB meds at all and am feeling pretty good on that end. I think I just really am so scared of change, even when I know it will be good for me. I was so worked up over it all, but we are all surviving just fine. I think that each day gets better and easier. Although, I really miss nursing her and sometimes wonder if I quit too soon. Can't go back now. 'Tis bittersweet.


Lu said...

We have the same pjs as the ones she's wearing in the chair! That pic is great!!!

I'm so glad the days and nights are getting easier.

Keep it up!

Kipplyn said...

Great pics! Have you tried black tea bags? RandiKate weaned cold turkey on me. We were nursing 8 times a day and she was DONE! So, I tried cabbage and basically anything anyone suggested. Tea may have helped. Nothing really did the trick except time. Glad you are surviving over there.- love you!

jeff said...

Leaves are hot!!

sonja said...

That pic with panties over jammies literally made me laugh out loud!

April said...

Those pictures are laugh out loud funny! I am so sorry you have been going through this rough time, but I admire your strength! I haven't been on my blog for a long time, I feel like I have missed so much! Not sure where in the process you are at, but will be praying for you!