Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sprouts and Discipleship

Last night I was already tired, but we had invited some youth over. They were suppose to come at 9, but didn't arrive till almost 10. I was sad about the timing, but glad we got to spend some good time with them. It was fun. Two of them left at 12:30 and then I had some really sweet conversation with another one until 1 or so.

After she left Creighton woke up saying her leg was hurting, but thankfully she went back to sleep by around 1:30. I am not really sure what was wrong with her. She seemed fine this morning.

We got a phone call from another youth about that time though and they (he and Jeff) talked till 2 or later. I was SO tired. I slept soundly from 2-6 and then Jackson came in because he couldn't find his binky. Then at 7 Creighton came in and wanted to nurse, then I took her back to her bed. Then Jackson was up at some time after that but Jeff got up with him and put on a movie I guess (I don't really remember any of that). Then Jeff's alarm went off at 8:30. It was a crazy night/morning, but oh well.

I got up and got showered and dressed and ready for church but when I realized we were going to be a little late to Sunday School, I decided to skip it and pick up the house (even though I was dressed for church). I felt very good about myself this morning! :)

We got to church on time, with both kids dressed and relaxed instead of RUSHED out the door, and they both had breakfast at home instead of in the car or in the classroom. I met up with the two girls that were over last night (for the first time ever) and the three of us went to church. It was a a sweet time because it was just us three getting to be there together. It was also the Sunday for the Lord's Supper and so I got up to go and asked them to join me. We got to do that together and then I prayed and I loved that time. Normally I do that with my family or Jeff and I love that, but today was unique and good. My time with the Lord was sweet during worship and I loved that they got to be there with me. I love these two girls dearly and pray for them a lot.

I don't think it was a coincident that the sermon today was over Personal Discipleship. It is my desire with these girls and has been for a long time, but obviously has to be a two-way thing. We're making progress, but only time will tell. I know seeds have been planted, and I see little sprouts along the way. :)

Most of all, I hope they know I love them and care for them so much! Our pastor's challenge was to pray about who to disciple in 2009. I really hope that their hearts are pricked and ripe and hungry, because I really want to be a part of their spiritual growth and development. Even if it is only one of them...or maybe someone else even.

I suppose another huge desire would be for someone to walk alongside me. Maybe someone else got the message today for me, now that is just as exciting.


Dalene said...

It really sounds like God is working things out for you to disciple those two girls!

I can't imagine how many late nights you must have @ your house w/ youth! You're my hero. I can't be that hospitable all of the time.

Lu said...

I can't imagine all the late nights. I have a friends here in town that use to be youth pastors. The stories make me thankful that I'm not in the ministry... awful to say, but just the commitment and pressure sounds miserable at times. You are much better than I would be!!!