Monday, October 20, 2008

Final Update

Things are getting better. The kids are doing better. Jackson is doing amazing now (much better) at going to sleep...and then once he is asleep he is sleeping much more soundly, and of course, he doesn't wake up in the middle of the night anymore either looking for his binky. He asked for it last night, but did okay with the answer. Then today at school (first time back since he gave it up) he told his teachers. We'll see how he does at nap time there. He sometimes struggles there (even with the binky) because they take naps so much earlier than we do at home. But, he got up early this morning so I am hoping for a nap!

Creighton is such a champ at going to bed in her big girl bed. She stays in there pretty well for the most part and sleeps really soundly too. She isn't getting up in the middle of the night and my 6:30 little alarm clock is moving back later each day, but now that it's later she isn't wanting to go back to sleep. So we are adjusting our schedule a bit to get up early with her which is NO fun! But that is okay. Hopefully she'll realize to be a Berg, it requires more sleep! :)

I have been getting more rest now too which is fantastic. That is the good news...bad news is my headaches still aren't going we'll have to see about that. But otherwise, it's looking up and we are getting through this and, all in all, it wasn't so much of a hell week, like I had planned/imagined it being.

Oh yeah, and the cabbage leaves, the Tylenol and of course TIME, all helped tremendously...I am not even pumping anymore and the pain is virtually gone...Praise the Good Lord!!


Hannah E. said...

Way to go! That's a BIG DEAL that Creighton is doing so well in a big girl bed at that age...great job!

Kathryn said...

Good.Good.Good. God is good, isn't He?