Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Birthday Extravaganza!

The Birthday Boy!
Trying very hard to hold up only 3 fingers!

Started the morning off with a birthday donut. After he blew out the candles, the sweet lady brought him ANOTHER donut (for free) because of his birthday!

This was all that was left of the TWO donuts!
After the Donut Shop we went to the Duck Pond to feed the ducks, but I didn't get any pics there. There were hundreds of geese and ducks though...most I've ever seen. They didn't really like it too much since there were so many of them SWARMING us.

So we didn't stay there long and headed off to the pool. This pool is amazing. They had so much fun and we were there all to ourselves. Thanks Caroline!

They rocked climbed to see the view...

...of the horses and the pond! They loved it! They jumped off the rocks into the deep end at least 50 fun. (and great exercise for me as I had to keep myself in the deep end for so long).

Then we went to McDonald's and again he blew out candles from his hamburger! :)

Of course all he wanted to do was play on the playground! But the nice lady at McD's gave us a birthday cookie and so we got about 8 big bites (and lots of fries) down so he could have the cookie!
We came home and took naps. He took a great one. Creighton not so much. Then we watched Atlantis (his choice). He loves watching movies! LOVES IT!
Then we made our cupcakes and they were so cute wanting to help with every.single.step. They are pretty decent with the mixer :)

Here is the outcome! This we took to dinner with us.

These we took to school! He chose Mater on his, but then this morning decided he wanted Lightning too! So, he got it. There was an extra one and so now Mrs. Nadine just will have to do without a cute little guy on her cupcake...I think she'll be okay.

He chose to go to Mazzio's for dinner. My parents came up and met us. I didn't get any pizza pictures, and there is only video of him blowing out his candles. I will try to upload videos to YouTube later. But he REALLY enjoyed his cupcake.

Sweet family picture! (a cute little boy walked in the room and distracted Creighton)...Again, he was trying to do "3" but it is very hard for him.

After dinner my mom and I headed to Kiddie park with the kids. They had a blast, as always! I liked this pic of him.

This was the last ride of the evening. My poor mom got the "pleasure" of riding all the rides with them this time. She was sick with dizziness! She rode the roller coaster, the carousel, the spinning (like the teacup ride) crazy ride, and then the train (which I rode too).

We headed home to find that the trampoline was not going to happen because all the parts were all messed up (not packed correctly, missing some, having tons of some, etc.) Good thing it was late, I never mentioned the trampoline to him, and they (and I) were so pooped I am not sure we could have cared any less about it! (he's going to get it later)...
It was a wild and amazing day! I was exhausted and so were they. I don't think either of them moved at all, all night long. It was a fantastic night of sleep! A great birthday!

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