Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Wedding.

Wedding went well. It was stressful for me trying to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible...but it went well. It was stressful for Jeff, but he did great. It was THE shortest wedding I have ever been to or heard of in my entire life, but that is what they wanted. It was literally 15 minutes. But, hey, get there, go down the aisle, say "I do", kiss the bride and get out of there...that is basically how it happened! So much planning for such a short time.

That was the only thing I didn't like about the wedding day (mine)...I planned for 7 months to the very detail (okay, so my mom did a lot of it) and then the day came and went in a blink! I worried about so much and fretted over things that would have NEVER mattered one way or the other...but's a blast being on this side of marriage...I'll say that!

I really really really LOVED being the wedding coordinator. It would work too. I think I could do Jennifer Lopez in the Wedding Planner...I need to watch that again...and of course there aren't really those kind of weddings too often here in Bville OK, so I think I'd be okay, but man, it was just riveting...I loved every minute of it...even the stressful ones. It was like, "yeah, bring it on!"

I sound cheesy...I know. But it was good for my soul and spirit to have that...I hope to get to do it again! I had fun!

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