Monday, June 30, 2008

Catching up...quickly

Well I left on Thursday to go to Fayetteville with Christy and Kipplyn. It was such a fabulous time! I really enjoyed getting to know them better. I hope to have the opportunity more as they both are just incredible women! I didn't take my camera, but they both did, and both took pics, so hopefully I can get copies, and/or they'll post them on their blogs! :) The place we stayed at was unbelievably gorgeous and definitely a RESORT! I can't believe it is a home that people live in on a regular basis. I am a homebody...and if I had a home like that I.WOULD.NEVER.LEAVE. for anything I don't think. :) It was fantastic. Thanks for inviting me! I had a really great time.

I came back Saturday from Arkansas to prepare for Jackson's birthday party. I will post pics later today or tomorrow. My husband and Philip got a ton of stuff done before I arrived (thank you both so much!). So I didn't have to do a whole lot. I decorated Jackson's cake and I think I did a decent job (first time doing it!).

The party went well. I think everyone had a good time. We got the trampoline set up afterwards and then went to dinner at Luigi's which was great! My kids were SO hyped up on sugar it was a little chaotic, but still good. Somewhere in this time frame my phone ended up in Debbie's purse and now is in Enid (hopefully back on it's way here). Way bummed about this. And our computer has been down till I have been technically challenged/restrained. Oh well.

Then we had church yesterday which was good because our friends the Colaw's were back in town...but we didn't make it into the service...oh well. Then we played very hard and had lots of fun on the new fort, the trampoline, and the pool yesterday afternoon. They went down for naps, and then we headed down to my mom and dad's church for Freedom Fest. It was a long day but a good one.

Oh yeah, and I have joined the ranks of "Soccer Mom"...we got a minivan. I actually like it. It is super nice! :)

The kids are at school today! I am trying to get unpacked, organized, laundry done, clean house, only to pack it all up and get ready to leave on Wednesday. WE are all going to Branson with my Mom and Dad and brother and his girlfriend and the 4 of us. It will be interesting. I hope it goes smoothly....I bet either way we'll have fun.

That about wraps it up. Well good enough anyway.

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Hannah E. said...

Oooh!! Congrats on the mini-van!