Sunday, June 22, 2008

Late Nights, Great Friends, Dates....Equal Awesome

Last night we hung out with the Colaws after the rehearsal. We (I) had a total blast. I miss them terribly but didn't know quite HOW much till last night. I just really enjoy their company and friendships. We stayed over to their place till 2 in the morning. It's been a long time since I have done that with friends. (youth, yes, friends, not so much!)

Thanks Becky and Brent for being such sweet friends of ours! We love you dearly.

Tonight Jeff took me out to a really nice dinner in Tulsa to commemorate the first wedding...and of course to spend the money he made in one fell swoop ;) Had a blast with my hubby. Kids are away in Enid :) Its been fantastic to just have him all to myself (minus the wedding)....But I must say he looked quite handsome today all jazzed up.

Two nights in a row of really late nights though...I am tired again :) That is the story of my life...from here on out I think. Oh well.

Life is good. I am so blessed!

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jeff said...

It was the melting pot...
Good for desert...WAY over rated and over priced for dinner!!