Monday, June 23, 2008

Last day of 2--Jackson

Wow. That is the last time Jackson can say that he is two. My little boy is turning 3 tomorrow (tonight at 1:38am). I didn't get all that upset at one or even two...but THREE? Three is big. Three is not a baby anymore. I am sad, but happy in the same instant. Three.years.old. THREE...
I really don't know why but I am just kind of shocked by this. I bought all his party stuff today for Saturday's party. It is the Disney's Cars theme and I love it! He loves Cars! I love him.

We have his day planned out tomorrow with all of his favorite things. For breakfast we are going to the Donut shop and getting donut holes. Then we are going to feed the ducks bread (and play with sticks). Then we might go swimming (if it is nice). Then we are going to McDonald's for lunch and play. Then (not on his list) we are napping. Then we'll have snacks (probably fruit snacks and yogurt). Then we might go to the park (the green one) and get a snow cone. Then we'll probably play video games at the mall for a little bit (maybe even with money tomorrow). We'll make cupcakes for his class on Wednesday. We'll make cookies and eat them all! Then we'll decide (haven't yet) about what he wants for dinner. Then we'll go get Maggie Moos while my parents set up his new trampoline at our house. We'll jump for a little while and then go to Kiddie Park...and then go to bed all exhausted (I hope). That sounds like a terrific day! Happy Birthday to Jackson!

I love you little man more than I could ever tell you, although I try--everyday! You are so incredibly sweet and smart and loving. You are starting to "get" life and that is fun. You are curious and brave and more handsome than you should be. I love you like I have never loved before. Thank you for letting me be your Mommy. I love that job! I love watching you explore and imagine and discover. I love watching you kiss me and hug me. I love watching you be a big brother to your little sister. You are such a sponge right now and you take in everything that people around you do, say, and are. (Sometimes that scares me because you are a youth pastor's son). :) You are serious, you are silly, you are crazy wild with unmatched energy, yet cuddly the next minute. You are everything boy and then some. Your smile and tender voice melt this heart of mine on a daily basis. You are so happy. I couldn't have hand picked a better son...I am sad that you are growing up, yet so excited to see what and who you become. I trust that you will continue to grow in strength, wisdom and stature. I pray that you are able to come to know the God that your Daddy and Mommy love and serve...and that you'll come to the place where you choose to do the same (for yourself, not anyone or anything else). I want so much for you...but nothing I want more than for you to know Jesus. Can't wait to see your journey from this seat of being your Mommy...

Love you so much sweet boy!


Hyperactivelu said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday to him!

Jennifer & Anthony said...

Courtney - What a great post!
Happy Birthday Jackson!!!

khowze said...

Happy Birthday to Jackson!! He is such a great, sweet boy. Hope you have an awesome day with him, but be careful about actually putting money into the video will have to do it forever after!

Becky said...

I must second Kara on the video game thing. Once they know about money, it's hard to turn back. It's possibly too late, but save that as long as you can.

I had such a hard time when James turned three also! I don't know why, but it seemed so much bigger. You have sweet son, and he has wonderful parents!!!