Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas at The Berg's and The Little's

We had our extended family over to my mom's for Christmas this year (we celebrated early) and it was very fun. Our tradition is to have shrimp gumbo for our Christmas celebration dinner...and I LOVE IT! It's so fun and festive with green, white and red being the major colors :)

all the kids got to open presents and then everyone left except for immediate family

Charleigh slept through this Christmas completely if I remember correctly, but either way, I opened up all her presents (fun for me!!!) She was given several CUTE pairs of Robeez

Jackson was hilarious this Christmas. He was so excited about EVERYTHING.  Comments like "this is what I always wanted" and "awww you're the best, thanks!" and more even when he opened clothes and shoes...and in this picture 2 pieces of candy....such a sweet loving boy he is!

that smile says it all. the boy is his father's son and LOVES to play the Wii. I only let him play when Dad is home...keeps it special and then I don't have to deal with trying to figure it all out...:)

Creighton was way fun this year too. She liked passing out presents!

This was Jeff and I's present from my parents and Jeff's mom and stepdad.  He LOVES it. We never did get a picture of him with it...but that might be because he is always watching it :)

Nonna was very excited to see all the smiles :) Thanks Mom and Dad!

My brother and his wife were there and they had there two kittens Mr. Fox and Rooster.  The kids LOVE playing with them. I hate cats so my mom got Creighton a fake cat...honestly I don't even like that scares me! It like moves and stuff...weird and creepy...but she likes it :)

We had Christmas at Jeff's dads on the 23rd and it was very fun. Debbie took our awesome pics and then we didn't get very many other ones from opening time! But I think it was my job and I slacked this year...sorry.  But we were very blessed here as well.

Jeff and Jackson got lots of Cowboy stuff, like a limited edition football, the old stadium seats, a oldschool helmet, and some clothing.

I purchased these for the kids. Jackson likes his, Creighton's is a kitty cat and she doesn't really like to keep it on more than about 3 seconds, but that is true of just about anything in her world.

Creighton got lots of PJs for her true fashion she had them all on at different times throughout the opening of everything...

Charleigh slept through this Christmas too! She was very blessed with fun fun toys and clothes! :)  I love my new TOMS (all black) that I got, plus some new perfume and fun gift cards...and of course a NEW CAMERA for the family :) YAY! We love it!

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Becky said...

I have all black TOMS too, although, I can't decide if I really like them. They are comfortable, but my feet sweat in them:( Looks like you had a great Christmas!!! You got spoiled!!!! In a good way!!