Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wild Crazy Man

Jackson had his first ever 'program' of any kind this year with this pre-school class for Christmas.  It was very short and very entertaining!

This is his little class--7 of them :) His best little friend is Colton in the red plaid.  Of course I think he's pretty fond of Olivia too (in black).

He can go from this sweet smile.... this crazy man in half a millisecond! This picture truly scares me for his future :)

Right back to this loving little sweet thing....

Right back to his fun-loving's crazy that those pictures were all taken in a matter of less than ONE MINUTE!

I love this kid.  He's wild and all boy, yet so gentle and loving all wrapped in one!


jeff said...

That's my boy!! :)

Dalene said...

Okay. He is adorable!