Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Letter to Creighton

My dear Creighton
I love you so much it hurts. You remind me so much of what Nonna and Papaw told me I was like as a little girl.  You are wild and crazy and fearless.  You are everything.  Truly.  There is nothing you cannot do, be, become.  It's unreal the potential I see in you. You are a leader and have natural tendencies and characteristics within you so young.  I love what I see, but I am also scared to death for you.  You will change the world, I have no doubt. I just want (and pray) you will change it for the good :).  You just have this personality...the only way I can describe it is to look within myself.  You drive me crazy a lot of times for this reason...we are way too much alike and we butt heads constantly.  But the Lord made you beautiful and precious and cute as a button...and that works in your favor. 

You LOVE to dance and sing and lots of things girly.  Lately, since we brought baby sister home,  you have been an excellent little mommy to your babies. Your favorite dolls are Lucy, Emma, and Charleigh (the monkey). Of course you ADORE your little sister Charleigh too.  But when you aren't amusing her, feeding/holding her, you are with one or more of your babies.  You typically have one of your cute little (or big) purses with you and you carry the most random things at any given moment, but never are you with a bottle for your babies :).  You are tender and caring and loving to them and that is so exciting for me to see.  You can be such a tomboy and yet so naturally mothering all at the same time.

You are strong Creighton...both physically and mentally.  Your physical strength is impressive for how little you are.  Again, you remind me exactly of myself.  You are like a dynamite stick: small but with impressive power.  You love to rough house with all of us and truly you can hold your own.  But then, you play Princess, and Daddy protects you and you love it when he does that too! You know all your Daddy's buttons too and you have him wrapped so tightly around your little finger:)

You and your brother are becomming best friends and I love love love what I am watching there. It's awesome. I desired that for you from the second we knew you were coming.  You love each other immensely, even though you do fight a lot too.  I think it's because of your severe stubbornness ;)  Oh but he loves you.  Right now you want to marry him and you tell him this all the time.  He currently would like to marry Emma Kate Howze and this drives you bananas.  I just love it that you have a sweet friend, your brother :)

Mommy and Daddy are still trying to figure you out...and its hard, but we are trying.  You love having everything your way, right then, and nothing else will do. If we'd give in to you, you'd be happy, but we can't do that, because quite frankly my dear, we love you too much.  You will grow up to be a phenomenal woman I know's the between times that scare me to death.  I feel I can say all this bluntly because, well, with you that is what it takes, and nobody knows better than I... 

Just so you know, no matter what you do, get yourself into (or out of), I will always love you, always be there for you, always hug you and kiss you and hold you tight.  You'll make it. Keep your head held high, and continually seek your Maker...He's your only road Rae.  Don't divert from Him.  I promise it's worth it.  And because I know you, you'll probably try to prove me wrong.  I'll see you on the other side...when you believe me and trust Him.

I adore you little girl. You drive me insane, but I love to hold you. I love brushing your hair. I love your funky sense of fashion (or lack there me). I love that you are bold and strong. I love that you still need me to help you. I love that you love attention. I love that you love to sing and dance. I love that you desire and have a will. Ilove that you don't ever back down for any reason, although this  is also the reason at times I don't like you (even though I will always love you through them). 

Currently the things you love are: Hannah Montana, Troy and Gabriella (HSM), microphones, telephones, talking non-stop, babies, DOGS and CATS (gross), art, coloring, writing (which you call working), painting, and making big messes.  You would change clothes a hundred times a day if I'd let you and you knew how to get all your clothes on/off by yourself, but thankfully you haven't mastered that yet :) Oh yeah, and PINK!

I love you.

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jeff said...

I love my biggest princess... You are the bestest little girl in the whole world!! I will always hug you and kiss (sorry, up front)