Sunday, January 17, 2010

Letter to Jackson

I love you buddy with all my heart. You steal away so many kisses and cuddles every day and I am pretty sure that is my favorite thing about you.  You have such a tender heart and you are genuinely sweet.  You are so awesome with both of your little sisters, but you are in love with Charleigh right now. Every single time you see her you kiss her and gently nuzzle your cheek to hers with your eyes shut. I love it. 

You are getting so much bigger and more mature at each moment it seems.  You can do just about everything yourself and you like to too.  It's nice, but there are lots of times I miss doing things for you.  You still like to be read to at night and we have our little singing routine right now.  You love schedules and organizing things and for everything to be in its place.  You have 3 stuffed animals that mean an awful lot to you at the moment. The funny thing is none of them are really that special, but to you they are.  It's awesome!  You have a brown monkey named Spice that you got from the dentist who is the smallest of the three. You take extra special care of him and put him between the other two each night as you tuck them in bed with you. Then there is Snowflake, which is a brown bear with a white shirt on. We got him as a free giveaway in a bag at an event that we went to as a family for a financial planning company.  Who knows why you attached yourself to him, but he's been with you the longest.  He is the biggest of them.  Then there is a blue sparkle bear named Sprinkle, even though his name used to be sparkle, you changed it accidently and it stuck. I can't remember exactly how you got him but he appeared from someone and you fell in love and he was quickly added to the pack.  You talk to these "guys" (as you call them) all the time and it's pretty funny.  You kiss them gently before bed as you tuck them in tightly next to you.  You are using your blankies from your infanthood to cover them and pad them underneath. You are so good to delights my heart all the more because I know one day you will make a terrific daddy, just like the one you have!

You are doing incredible in your pre-preschool class this year. You've matured leaps and bounds as far as that is concerned.  You are very smart and have the memory of a genius. We're still working on mastering counting after 15 and we are working on getting all of your letters down, but you are doing so well with most all of it.  Next year you will be in school everyday for Prek and I am sad about that. I love having you at home with me :)

Your most favorite thing in the whole world to do is to be in front of a tv either watching a movie or playing the wii with your daddy, just like your daddy! I don't care for you to have so much screen time, but you love it and you really don't get very much unless daddy is home. It's your special time. It's funny and crazy how good you are at it already so young! Your daddy LOVES playing video games and it's very apparent you are JUST like him in more ways than anyone knew.

You are a pretty good eater, and of course, you love your sweets, especially ice cream! You really like hamburgers and french fries. You love spaghetti and lasagna too!  I love cooking for you because you usually say really sweet things like I am the best mom in the world or I am a great cook or something like that to make my day.  You still love fruit, but not too many vegetables, although you've been known to have seconds on chicken pot pie and such you are getting them in you occasionally. 

I love some of the words you are saying wrong...and it's just too cute to correct right now :
glubs : gloves
atend : pretend
aminals : animals
atendo : nintendo
biddeos : videos
There are so many cute phrases and other words too, but I just can't think of them all right now.

Anyway, I love you with all my heart and you are the world's greatest little boy. You delight my heart!
I love you,

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jeff said...

I love you honey and Jackson... This post made me cry!