Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Food and Crafts...or crafts with food

This is completely random. But I saw that a few of the many times I've been creative lately I (or Jeff) have taken pics! For posterity sake I'm posting them here.
 Stuffed peppers...they were yummy, and even the kids ate the stuffing (not so much on the pepper)
 decorating Charleigh's cake :)
 Thanksgiving treat we did at Gramma Debbie's!

 Saw this on Pintrest and happened to have all the was super super yummy!
 Very very very messsy
 and a whole lot of fun
 I love making this soup. It's Minestrone. Our family has an inside joke and we call it Mine Strone. (like rhymes with Fine Lone) Anyway, it makes me feel super healthy and the kids will eat it too! :)
 Made two pies for Thanksgiving dinner and also made Twice baked potatoes but I guess they weren't cool enough to get a picture....but everyone loved them!
 Busy elf I made a TON of pretzels

 Dipped oreos...SUPER DUPER YUMMY
 And although I do not have a picture of the final product, Creighton took a picture of the middle of the old fashioned Hard Candy...CINNAMON. I love love love this stuff and I only make it at Christmas time and it's so pretty. I make it in red and green, and dust it with white powdered sugar....It's divine!
so completely random, but hey, whatever....

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