Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Little Family Christmas 2011

My side of the family Christmas was yesterday. It was a relaxing and fun, excitement filled day, of course full of FOOD, love, presents, and family.
 Creighton got another really cute winter hat. She loves all things purple.  She's just adorable in them!
 Hilarious and precious present for Charleigh! They are dubbed "my Mickey Mouse Boots" and she LOVES them.  They squeak every step she takes and they are PRECIOUS. She can't get enough of them.  I never thought any pair of shoes would trump her "parkolees" but they have. She sleeps with them and is completely possessive of them!
 Jackson was super excited about his new remote controlled car, until he found out that it had to charge for 8 hours minimum.  But he was still really excited...
 Papaw and Charleigh. Papaw gave the kids a Hallmark book with him reading it.  These are the greatest gifts!!!
 Creighton's big toy was a Barbie cruise ship. It's pretty cool. It only took me a about an hour to get ALL of the stickers on it. :) But it was fun. She loves it and while I am typing she's busy playing hard with it! I love it! Her imagination is unstoppable.
 Pretty blessed with very cute kids...

 A little family picture
Diva Creighton
 Sweet Jackson
 Jackson and Nonna
 Papaw Nonna and RaeRae
 Grands and grand-dog Owen
 Mom and Dad!
 All the kids got these light up Christmas tree ornaments that they all 3 love! 
 Amazingly cute and only slightly annoying after hearing it over 100 times in a row, is this very fun dancing monkey.  We all like it and you really can't help but dance! :)
 Creighton at home sporting her new hat and new Horse pjs :) Happy girl
 Charleigh attempting to peace sign like Rae in the above picture, also sporting her new Monkey pjs :) Hilarious.
 We let Jackson stay up, bundle up, and play with his new car, since he was SO patient for 9 hours. He loves it!!!!

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