Friday, December 23, 2011


Just a few pics from the week.

Cute dresses the girls got from Nonna and Papaw. They are precious, except I still don't know what I think about the tights...they kinda look like lingerie.  Charleigh, of course, had to don her new boots.

Big smiles with new boots!
Grammy got the kids wall stickers for their rooms. Jackson's has had a few issues, but is now back up :)
They both really like them...and since they are sharing a room, it makes it their "own" space.
Sassy little one in another new dress from Nonna and Papaw
Handsome boy in a faux hawk :)
Precious little girl in a new outfit....she LOVES those pink glasses.
Creighton had her Christmas party at school.  :)
Jackson had a Christmas program and he was an elf! ;) It was cute. They did a retelling of the Gingerbread Man.
Nonna came and then took him on a special date afterwards :)
My two favorite boys in the whole world
THis little guy has stolen my heart. He is precious and so tenderhearted. He's really been struggling with the loss of Pop. It breaks my heart to see him so sad.
Cookie face!
Cool Dude!!!
Creighton had Lillian over for a playdate and they put on MULTIPLE ice skating/figure skating performances (aka PROGRAMMING to Creighton).  THankfully I have a lot of video. It was pretty classic. This girl is obsessed with Ice Skating and says she wants it to be her sport of choice.  Thing is she's actually pretty good, without the skates and ice :) She's never been in skates or one ice in her life but she saw a movie, The Ice Princess, and she LOVED it ever since. Oh me oh my. This girl has some serious spunk and determination! Her limits are boundless *until you factor in our financial status, and then it all comes halting back to even with everyone :)

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