Thursday, December 29, 2011

Berg Trifecta

We celebrated our Christmas with the Bergs on December 31st. I titled it the Trifecta because it was our Christmas celebration, Papa John's birthday, and also New Year's Eve! Whew....lots of reasons for eating goodies!

We took our family pictures first and had some really cute ones.
Then we all ate homemade pizza! YUMMY!!!
Then we snapped a few pictures of the grands with the Grandparents before unwrapping presents. This is the only one I got. They were taking others that I am sure are better, but I liked this one anyway :)
 Debbie passed out Santa hats to the kids who then got busy sorting gifts.  There were a ton! :) I didn't take many pictures, and NONE of them are good, but I wanted to document it anyway. That is Charleigh and Jackson
 some more sorting taking place
 Aunt Steph is very pregnant with Baby "boots" or "dora" as Kinsley refers to her newest sibling to be.  Uncle Matt and Kinsley and Aunt Jessica and Grandma Debbie!
 Kisling Family with Jackson and Jeff's heads :)
 Jeff and Charleigh
 Jackson and Creighton had the biggest couch to themselves loaded with gifts!
 Jeff got a Demarcus Ware (?) Jersey. He was so bummed they lost last night as this meant he doesn't get to go to the the Playoff games with his Dad. :( But oh well....
The kids got a ton of new board games to keep us busy throughout our "no screen time" days and we LOVE GAMES anyway, so it's a super win!  They got S'Match, CandyLand, Operation, Guess Who, Pretty Pretty Princess, Sequence for Kids, new tag books, socks, some toys, and they were excited to get some green this year too! :)'s so exciting for some reason.  Charleigh got a set of Toy Story 3 toys and a set of Mickey Mouse toys that she carries with her ALL over the house all day long. She loves loves loves them all!

Jeff got a Juicer and I got some new running shoes with our money, and then we opened some other fun presents too! We are beyond blessed by all of our families all the time.

Thank you Grandma Debbie and Papa John!

We then celebrated with another family favorite Chick-fil-A Nuggets and Stirfry (and Chicken Lettuce Wraps too!) and ate and celebrated Papa John's birthday! Yay!! Another excuse to eat cake and lots of food! Oh my goodness I was stuffed.  (had nothing to do with eating 3 or 4 Katy's Pantry cookies either:))

We headed out much later than planned (we didn't want to be driving so late on New Year's Eve) but it ended up working out as for 1.5 hours of our 2.25 hour trip we were THE.ONLY.CAR. on the road heading to Tulsa. It was kinda creepy. But nice.  We made it home just after 11:15 and got the kids in bed and celebrated the New Year by unloading the car and heading to bed right at midnight. I don't think our kids have a clue about "celebrating" a new year. We just don't do it. For me it's just another day, another night. A different number on the end of the year. But I must say I welcome a new year, as this one has been a hard one.

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