Wednesday, December 14, 2011

a VERY random picture post

So when life and time get away from you, your blogs become LONG and VERY random...but at least it's here, right?!

We went to Chuck E. Cheese's with the Smith's for Eli's birthday. The kids had a blast
 Jeff wasn't able to join us, so my mom came to help!
 I finally got the pictures in the frames and put up! Yeah me...I LOVE THEM.
 Chuck E. Cheese pencil sketch pictures....cuteness.

 He wasn't sad, but maybe he knows what a dunce hat is
 Birthday party for Cooper Holley at the farm :) chasing chickens, petting goats, making goats faint, shooting bb guns...does it get any better?

 love these "twins"
 Charleigh and I had fun trying on all the hats in Walmart.  I took MANY, but I'll just put up the cutest ones!

 Lillian and Creighton having a dress up for their play date.

 Charleigh at Walmart....she LOVES Tangled
 Creighton, same green hat, different time at Red Robin :)
 New hat for Charleigh from Grammy. She LOVES it
 Jackson had strep throat and had to stay home.  We did this 150 piece puzzle. It was fun and although it took a long time doing it with him was just a great quality time thing!
 My crazy cowboy
 The girls LOVE to sing
 Jackson's backpack went to the trash and so we needed a new one. He chose this one! :)
 Mom brought gingerbread houses for the kids...they love doing it.
 Such fun times!
 Creighton's finished product

 Jackson, Brooks and Chandler!
 Random Reindeer.
 Creighton got a new coat! Thanks, Grammy
 Bixby Kids for Christ
 Scary and hilarious all at the same time.  She was SO funny
 Staff Christmas party was a Murder Mystery. Only Jeff and I looked like fools. I was the mental person who liked wearing costumes (like a oompa loompa) to work.
 2011 staff and spouses at NBC :) John and Missy Kanady, Todd and Jessica Eubanks, Stephanie and Danny Kern, Terry and Monica Langenberg, Jeff and Courtney Berg, Matt Fowler, and Phil and Carol Sallee.
 Creighton had her Winter PreK program at school. She did a GREAT job.
 Charleigh is so cuddly with Jeff in the mornings!
 Creighton's preK class during their program.

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