Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Birthday Pics...

Finally got the pics from the Race Track where we went for my birthday! Yeah!!! Such fun times!

Kara C., Kara H., Grandma Maxie, Dad, Me, Hannah
Me whipping tail on the tracks!
Grandma, Dad, Me
Kara, Me and Bethani
Kara H., Brittany, Hannah, Me, Kara C.


jeff said...

thanks husband of mine for renting the track out for me!!

Nise(Denise) said...

Happy Birthday!

Courtney said...

To Jeff:
This was copied from the post that was written about my birthday...( just so you know...I DID thank you...and for the record...I loved the go carting, but you didn't technically rent out the track for us. It was open to the public and if anyone had shown up we would have been "forced" to share :)

"This smile never left my face!

I barely know where to begin. But my birthday was A-mazing! I loved it all. It had mostly lows--except that it came to an end.

Here's how it all went down...

Jeff left at 10a to go to Enid for a special trip for Pop (step dad) and also to take the kids so they could play with Enid grandparents for a few days while we were away. While he was gone, he'd scheduled me a massage, lunch with my dad and my grandma, and an hour at the race tracks for go-carts for me and my friends. There were about 9 of us or so and we had a blast. I don't have pictures yet from that (but there were some taken). I had an absolute blast. I (randomly) got the fastest car he had and I was killing people. In one race I lapped my friend Kara 4 times! I asked the guy if I was in the fastest car and he said, "yes, but I have never seen it go that fast"--nothing could have made me happier at that moment! I have this thing about going fast! :)
The greatest birthday ever!... I am spoiled, blessed, and very grateful for my hubby and for my 28 years on earth."

can you tell I just wrote my "One Hot Momma" post ( I am way grumpy)