Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One Hot Momma...

"ARRRRGGGGGG" in terms of our Pirates Who Don't Do Anything theme for VBS.

Tonight went from bad to worse quickly. Didn't get to go to Nikao tonight because we were preparing for tomorrow's craft in VBS and I had a counseling session with a youth that lasted 3 hours. I am just exhausted anyway, so it was just bad timing I guess. Not to mention my stomach is killing me because of some frozen dinner I ate. Creighton isn't feeling well I don't think. I get home and my house is 90 degrees! It is WAY cooler outside than inside because sometime while we were gone to church our AC stopped working (brand spanking new unit we just paid a heck of a lot of money for). Hottness! Have two grumpy kids because they too are exhausted beyond themselves.

Grumpy to begin with mommy + two grumpy kids in hot house=NOT GOOD. NOT GOOD AT ALL.

Jeff came home (when he was needing to be at work writing) and he was grumpy before he came home and now is even more grumpy than me...

The other day Jeff came home and said he'd heard the Trace Adkins song "One Hot Momma" and said (as a compliment) that I was one and that should be my song (I don't really know the words, so hopefully it isn't a bad song). Anyway, whatever he meant by it, I am tonight. Just a little different usage of the word HOT.

It's not fun here tonight...nope. Not one bit. My eyes and body hate me...I am going to TRY to go to sleep in the heat with the windows

Sorry for complaining. I am still blessed...just being "tested" of my joy in the far I get an F

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Lu said...

I would be in a bad mood too. Bless your heart! I hope you got some sleep despite the heat!