Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I feel so behind in the blogging world...well, not with reading, but with posting. I always get excited about summer coming so we can relax and breathe (another year down)...and EVERY summer while in the midst of it, I wonder why I was so excited about it. I think I am going to be able to relax and things will go slower than the normal pace. Well, the normal pace is off dramatically. In the other direction. Summer life around here is just insane.

Our house is like a revolving door with teens and interns and anyone and everyone else...I love it, but it is tiring. We have such late late nights like every.night.of.the.week. It just gets exhausting but we love it too much to stop. It's crazy like the time is running out and we see the end (of summer) so we press on and play hard.

Whew...breather. I love days like today. I had it packed to the brink with activities to do while the kids are in school. But its raining and gross out, so awesomely timed by God...He knew I needed a day inside to do things around here that desperately need to be done...and things that don' blog, relax, read. It feels good...

I do love the relationships that summer brings and when summer is over it is always sad because the interns go home, the kids start school and all their activities....and then things quiet down a least for a few days :)

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