Thursday, July 24, 2008

Catching up

Monday and Tuesday were camps all day long. It was exhausting, but good I guess. I love the game of volleyball and I love hanging out with teens, but something about mixing the two doesn't quite equal the same (and especially not double the) love. Oh well. I made money and that is always good.

Tuesdsay night was Ladies Night Out and that was great. We stayed till a little after 11:30 and that was nice. I love connecting with young moms, older moms, and people I love and people I've never met. It is neat! So much fun...

Wednesday I had a meeting that lasted quite a while at the church and then I went did a few things till I had to get the kids. Jeff and I picked them up for their last day of school till mid-August. (bummer dude!) We played hard till time to go to church and got home late.

Thankfully they both slept till 9 this morning (well Creighton woke up at 4 and 7) but I didn't have to actually have to get up for the day till 9 either so that was nice. We threw on some clothes went to the donut shop, went to pick up Jeff from the church and we headed to Independence, Kansas to the water park.

We had so much fun. Before we could get in to the water park (didn't open till 1) we went to the park and the zoo on the same property. (both free of charge). It was great! The kids really liked the zoo a lot. It was very very hot today though! I was so thankful by the time 1 rolled around. We got in and the kids had a blast. I am only bummed because we forgot the camera! So no pictures.

They both jumped off the diving board WITHOUT floaties because they won't let you jump off with them. So that was scary, but not nearly as much as when Jackson climbed up the HIGH DIVE! I was freaking out. But thankfully the lifeguard said he couldn't go and he/we came down the ladder....whew. I think he would have majorly gotten hurt.

We didn't leave till 4:45 and they were asleep before we got out of the parking lot. They were wiped out! They slept the whole way home. It was nice. They were wired tonight and didn't eat a good dinner, but oh well. Hopefully they are so tired they'll sleep great tonight again.

I am so tired, but we are having a youth event tonight IN.MY.LIVING.ROOM! There are at least 20 people here and any other night I'd be fine with it, but tonight I am just too tired to be in there. And they are watching the DUMBEST movie of all time. It is called Hands on a Hard Body and it is a documentary about people in Texas trying to win a truck (hard body) by keeping their hands on it. Last one standing wins (like 3 days into the contest with no sleep) someone finally wins.....very silly.

That about does it to catch up. Glad to be back.


Maria said...

Sounds like a fun time at the water park! I hope you go the sleep you wanted/needed. :)

khowze said...

Okay, something titled "Hands on a Hard Body" does not sound like a good movie for Christian I am really glad you explained what it was!!