Monday, July 14, 2008

From Atop A Plastic Car...

So, yesterday Jackson and Creighton were climbing onto the plastic car (ahh, wasn't he so cute?)at my mom's in the backyard (he got it for his second birthday but we keep it at my mom and dad's house). Three stories from this experience. 2 funny. 1 not too funny...(well only kind of).

Jackson was standing on top of the car when two birds came zooming very fast by his head.
Me: Jackson, those birds about took your head off...
Jackson: [very saddened and confused (totally took it realistically)] Budt I wannt my head on me! Why day take it off?
Me, Mom, Jeff: [ROLLING LAUGHING] I didn't mean really I am sorry. They just flew really close to your head...that is all honey
Jackson: I weally wannt my head on. I don't want it off.

(well that's good, son)

A few minutes later....Jackson starts saying "shut" over and over loudly as Jeff is talking. I ask him what he is saying and finally he says loudly SHUT UP. I got onto him very sternly and spanked him. Then he said, "I want to open the door, not shut it! Can I say that?" I know he had no idea what that meant, but now he is afraid to say shut the he just says OPEN the door even when he wants it shut....and I am pretty sure he'll never say Shut Up any time soon...:)

Anyway, the not so funny story is that Jackson started jumping off the car while Jeff was outside with them. Then Creighton decided the day after she was born she can do everything Jackson can do. She got up onto the top of it, jumped off and landed straight on her butt. She didn't even try to land on her feet. She nailed her tailbone hard. She has a huge bruise and cries every time she has a poop, or when I wipe her. But she sits fine in her chairs so I don't think she actually broke it...but wow...seriously, kid. Learn to put your feet down!


Kipplyn said...

Ouch! Man! You know, I broke my tail bone 6 years ago. It still hurts. :-( Did you take her to the dr? Well, hope she feels better! Ice packs are nice too!

Lu said...

Hope she feels better! That HAD to hurt BAD!

The Bargain Shopper Lady said...

Ouch! Hope she's doing okay!
Cute Blog!
~The Bargain Shopper Lady