Friday, April 29, 2011

Bartlesville and back

Today we had a family trip to Bartlesville.  It was the first time we’ve been back since “the day” we left.  I wasn’t for sure how I’d feel as we trekked up the highway and entered in our old stomping grounds.  

It was a rushed trip, a stressful trip, and we didn’t get to see all of those we wanted, and those we did, it was rushed.  But, it was good, too. 

We have a peace about being called away from what was home for 8 years and it was, again, confirmed to me by the Lord, that we followed His desires for our lives.  No, from the exit to the present, it has NOT been one thing like I had all planned out, but hindsight, it’s been a really good (very blessed) past month. 

The trip was really thrown together at the last minute when we realized we’d made doctor appointments for the guys and we should keep them.  First just the two of them were going to go and then last minute everyone did.  So please don’t be offended if you didn’t know we were coming or even there at all.  Next time, it will look much different!

We went to see the ENT for both Jeff and Jackson and it turns out we will be back for both of them.  Jeff has a sleep study scheduled this next month and Jackson has a surgery scheduled in the next month to remove his tonsils and adnoids.  Whew, that was the first stop (and it was stressful because we were running late and didn’t have the paperwork with us we needed). But they were wonderful and the doctor is a family friend so we were treated like such J

After the doctor we ran to eat at Sonic and let the kids play.  Brittany met us there and that was fun (but again very rushed). Charleigh fell asleep on my chest and konked out for about an hour there from Sonic to the school in the baby carrier (no wonder my back is killing me).

Jackson has been begging to go back to his school so he could see his friends and we did exactly that.  It was very fun for me to see the smile light up on his face. The kids were all hyper and excited and hugged and hugged him.  He was like the “hero of the day” and I really enjoyed watching him receive so much attention. The boy craves attention and it’s been lacking lately.  I really think it was good therapy for him to be there. His sweet 9 month pregnant teacher wanted him to stay the rest of the day (only an hour and a half total time) and he couldn’t have been more excited about that. **pics at the bottom**

So while he stayed and had multiple recesses, we went over to Dana’s house and Creighton played with Arlee and I got to have a few minutes of time there! I miss all of my girl friends in Bartlesville! 

Then we went to pick Jax up from school and headed to the Holley’s and I was sad we missed Marci and the girls, but we got to see the boys and Jeff and sweet baby!  That was VERY rushed.

It was overall a stressful kind of day because looming before Jeff was the 30 hour Famine all night lock in Bixby.  There were several things we were trying to take care of and he was on and off the phone all day long.  *so much for a day off* so we were in a hurry everywhere so we could get a million things done and ready before the event.

Anyway, leaving Bartlesville wasn’t hard like I thought it be.  I think I know we are coming back for 2 different visits right around the corner and that helped, but like I mentioned earlier, I just know that God has plans for the Berg family where He has lead us and it excited me. 

I am anxious, just as I have been since the get-go, to actually GET there and get settled and start it full throttle, but I am in such a different place now than I was one month ago.  I know the Lord better, I know myself better. I trust the Lord with so much more, a greater capacity, a deeper strength than I ever would have had the plan gone like I had placed it.  I am thrilled to be where I am. 

It wasn’t easy or fun but it was all worth it.

Thank you friends for loving us both far and near and for those of you that did make time to see us today, it was SO good to see you.  I can’t wait to come back so that we can make MORE time to see more of our dear friends there.  I think our first trip back was exactly the way I needed it to be so that I would know it was okay to go back south on 75  But I do miss it. 

 sweet smile~!

oh the fun they had!!! I LOVED IT

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