Thursday, April 7, 2011

The unfolding of events part 2

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So, we wake up on Monday morning, closing day.  We still have a few things in the house, but shouldnt' take me too long to get them loaded up in the van after I get back from signing (and Jeff leaves to go a meeting in Bixby all day).

Kari meets us at the house.  Jeff isn't ready.  Long night. Exhausted. So much left to do.  Frustration.  Anyway, so I force him to leave and get in the car so we can get to the Credit Union (they were sweet to say we could come early at 8:30 when they don't open till 9 so Jeff wouldn't be any later to his meeting than he had to be).  Jeff was driving separately from us so he could leave straight from there.  We saw him turn around and head back home.  He forgot his wallet.

We finally make it into the office where we are to sign only 20 minutes late by this point...I felt terrible! We sign, it's all good.  The buyers were suppose to sign at lunch time and it'd be all over.


***My mother in law called and said my kids were sick and I needed to come get them around in this time frame. ***

We were on our separate ways when we get phone calls from Taylor who is still at the house while we were signing saying people are at the house.  And so it began.

The buyers were there to do a final walk through.  I wasn't too worried (but a little embarrassed by all the stuff I still had in the Master and Taylor had all his stuff in the sun room still).  No big deal, they'd get over it.  Well we found out rather quickly they aren't people that just "get over" anything.  They first started their complaints with we hadn't done all the inspection repairs correctly.  We had.  But they complained and called the inspection guy back out to reinspect.  He found 2 NEW things electrical repairs.  We had to get them fixed.  The soonest the electrician could be there was 4pm.  They were throwing other fits about the maintenance items we didn't repair because THEY didn't put it in the TRR.  My morning went from GREAT to AWFUL in 5 seconds flat.

Once I get back to the house, I also find out that they do NOT want the swing set with play fort attached in the backyard and we must remove it.  WITH WHAT? HOW? It's a huge wooden set and it's just Jeff and I there and all the tools are on the POD.  So we have to unpack the front of the PODS to get everything out that we could possible use to tear this thing down.  And we also are told we have to have everything out of the shed (we had left gas cans and other things he could have used) and there was a sand box in the back yard he wanted gone too.  It only had 100+ pounds of sand that had gotten rained on the night before (so make that about 300 pounds of wet sand).    We borrowed a friends truck (because we had too much trash too and had to get that out even though the trash man was coming the next morning) to move it all.

We found a way to dispose of the sand! Let's just say Jeff was brilliant and the sand is still in the back yard. :)  We used brooms and a blower to blow all the sand under the deck.  We loaded it all out of the box into a trashcan on wheels, then unloaded it on top of the deck and then blew it and brushed it in the holes/slats of the wood all underneath the deck.  It's all hidden under there! :)  It worked perfectly and quickly! One thing down.

In the middle of all of this I was trying to find a family for a baby, and I swear that is the one thing that kept me moving and made my day a little better...I HEART ADOPTION! (sadly, the family I found isn't going to work out, but at least it kept my mind occupied on something other than me and my day at the time).

I then began sawing with a hand saw 6 inch by 5 inch thick wooden swing set.  Horrible thing to go to waste for NOTHING.  Thankfully Jeff finished what he was doing and finished off my job I started. He was much faster.  So we ruined the swing set, but still had the fort part of it.  We loaded up all we could in the truck.  Then I found a new home for the fort.  The guy across the street wanted it! :) yea!  So I arranged for that to all be taken care of once we were gone. Thank you Kari and everyone else who helped do that for us.

We finished loading back up the PODS unit.  We finished loading up the van and the truck and got out of there.  We were sitting down for lunch together finally and I was balling.  Jeff got a call that the electrician could come early and he had to go, leaving me in a restaurant by myself in shambles.  But I am thankful the electrician could come early because they didn't finish repairing everything till 5! It was a crazy thing there too.  Thank you Kirk for helping us out and fixing everything even better than you needed to!  MCINTIRE ELECTRIC if you need someone in Bville!

I had a massage I hadn't used (my sweet LNO group had got me) and figured if I could get one, this would certainly be the day for it.  It worked out and I had an hour of bliss. Thank you sweet friends, you have NO idea how my soul needed that hour!

***Thankfully we decided the kids would be okay where they were and I could come get them the next day.  There was NOTHING left of me to give to my kids.  NOTHING.  I needed a night to mourn.

We got everything settled in Bartlesville, and at 5:55 as we were leaving town I got the text that the fort had been removed from our yard and we were completely finished! It was over and we could move on.  I felt major relief.

So we headed down to make an offer on what we both thought might be "the house" and we went inside one more time to make sure and we signed the papers that night. We thought, man today had just been a terrible rotten day and yet, cool, that we can make an offer on this house and hopefully get it!  So we are headed to eat after all of that and it's like 9 at night already.  On our way, we get a phone call from our realtor.  She had just found out that they had JUST that afternoon accepted someone else's offer on our dream home.

Talk about a punch to the gut.

We ate, mostly quiet.  I cried.  I felt defeated on EVERY possible level.  We came back to my parents house for the first night of living here.  It all felt strange.  This wasn't in our plan. at. all.  None of the way the day unfolded was a part of my plan.

Then I got another phone call saying Jackson has puked!  Just to top it off.

I decided more than anything I just needed the day to be over.  So I tried to convince my brain to shut down.  It took awhile.  Then I was just about a sleep when SERIOUSLY I KID YOU NOT, the smoke detector in the room I was sleeping in started beeping.

I was furious.

My parent's ceilings are like 10 foot tall, so I had to get out of bed, find a ladder, and then I pulled out the battery all together thinking that would solve it.  It didn't.  I guess they are on some kind of central connection and when you do that it detects that something is wrong and then they all start going off.  So my mom woke up and got me a battery. I replaced it and got back into bed.

I seriously don't know what to think about that day.  It's been several days now and the emotions had subsided but retyping it all has made them all resurface.  It's hard not to doubt God has forgotten you, even doesn't love you, when you have a day like that.

But yesterday I went to the first Wednesday night at our new church in Bixby and they are doing the Jonah study and it was exactly what my heart needed to hear.  I am so excited about diving into this study.  Priscilla did a fantastic job in the video and the Lord held my heart and my hand.  :)  I don't have anything figured out.  We are in the same spot we were in, but I do know that the Lord had this all figured out.  Oh how I needed it.

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Jennifer and Anthony said...

We are currently in the same "transition/homeless" stage. It is so good to hear that someone else can endure it as well. It sounds like emotionally you are about in the same place as us!!!! Good luck! I will be thinking about you as our story unfolds.