Friday, April 29, 2011

By golly, it's happening!

It isn't final or closed yet, but we are at least heading in that direction. Today marks the time we have made it the furthest in our hunt.  We had our inspections and this time our money didn't go down the toilet!  They passed with flying colors.  They are fixing like seriously 4 SMALL things and it's ready to go.  We will be on our way to owning a home again!  Here is the nice updated look with the shutters the sellers added....:)

 And here is the entry way.  I will wait to take empty pictures and then pics with all of OUR things in it.  We are hoping to move in prior to the original May 27th closing date.  I CANNOT WAIT.  (well I can, and I have, but I am excited, nonetheless!)
We will be less than a mile from the school. One mile from Walmart. Less than 5 miles from CPO and about 5.5 miles from the church!  It's exactly the location we wanted from the very beginning and it has a room that will allow us to hopefully open up our home for ministry! SO EXCITED!

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