Friday, April 29, 2011

Fun Thursday Pictures...

So thankful for the GORGEOUS weather here today.  (today is also the day that TN, AL, GA and many other southern states had some of the worst weather and tornadoes seen many decades).  
We met up with Ashley and Emma today over snacks at Scott's and that was SO good. It had been too long.  I LOVE Charleigh's look in this picture....

 THe kids love to climb on this gorilla statue.  My little monkey 1
 Gorgeous monkey 2
 Just hammin' it pretty girl. I just love you to pieces!
 And my littlest monkey 3!
My sweet boy.  He had a rough day but is SO excited we get to visit Bartlesville tomorrow! He REEEEEAAAALLLLLLYYYYYY misses it right now.

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