Monday, April 25, 2011

Change is hard.

There are times when Creighton can make my life crazy, or at least me.  Like seriously certifiably crazy.  But then there are moments (glimmers of hope) where I know it's all gonna be alright.  She and Jackson seem to have switched roles here lately.  He's having a REALLY difficult time with change and is acting out in desperation.  She, although is still very Creighton, has been relatively easy. Or maybe Jackson is acting so terrible, it's making her look good :)  Either way I am thankful that she's being sweet.

It's so hard. I can't stand having to discipline him in the ways that he is forcing my hand, but there just isn't anything that's getting through to him. It makes me sad. He is truly a gentle spirit (on the inside) and he is SO tender.  He is so emotional.  He wears it all on his sleeve, too.  It's been a hard few weeks for everyone and I know he's old enough to catch on to more than I give him credit for. Today, in tears, he begged me to take him back to Bartlesville and take him back to his "old school" because he really misses his friends.  I get it. I know.  It's not easy.  And if I was 5, my actions would probably be very similar to his.  I try to keep it in perspective and yet, at the same time, be his mommy that was given the job of training him up.  It's a fine balance.  I feel like I am failing most moments.

I have always heard "kids are resilient" and I sure hope that's true...


denise said...

Courtney I am praying for you. I truly know your pain as we are in our 9th month of moving away from our beloved Bartlesville. Chandler has grieved in ways I never thought could happen.

He is getting through it with the help of God. He has clung to Him hard. I see him turning the corner.

I will be praying for Jackson. Our boys love hard! I pray that he will give and love others and that he will find a precious friend that will encourage and lift his spirits, but most of all that He will see God at work and know that God is so good.

Common ground,
Denise Wall

Jennifer and Anthony said...

I keep telling myself the same thing that "kids are resilient" as we all yearn for a schedule that just isn't possible with our current transition. I am thinking of you and the kids!