Monday, May 9, 2011

Adventure to the Zoo...

We had a whole day of nice weather. I figured I needed to plan wisely.  So we called up a friend and they were already planning to go to the zoo and that's what I had in mind too.  So we went. 
 Jackson's self portrait...after a crazy lunch chasing geese away CONSTANTLY.
I love this pic of my sweet girls and their smiles.  Jackson just wouldn't smile on the turtle.

 There is one of the friends we met, the other was on the turtle for a minute and then never got back on.
Our friends left and my kids were done with the animal thing, so they wanted to play at the park.  So we did. They had a blast.... 
 Charleigh played in/on the train forever.  She didn't want to get off.  So I kept taking LOTS of pictures of this sweet smile!
 So much so that she shook her head at me and said no and covered her face....I think I was taking WAY too many pictures....
 I love this sibling love!  She called for her Bubba and he came a runnin'.  He didn't stay long, but long enough to capture that!
 My sweet Rae came over next to hang out with her sissy!
 Isn't she just gorgeous!  I can't get over her these days!
 I finally had to PULL her off the train to show her there were other fun things to play on/with at the park too....she was just as happy on this!
 The big kids were playing happily together and that's a rarity so I had to get it documented!
Sweet cheeks! I love you.  You were such an angel today at the Zoo even though it was incredibly hot!  She came home and took about a 3 hour+ nap.  And I made Rae take one too. She was so fussy from being exhausted and so hot all morning.  That was nice!

We came home and had everyone (but Nonna) home for dinner and we made steaks! Yummy!

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