Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We own a home!

Today we signed our life away :)

I absolutely LOVE our new house. It's perfect.

I went to clean by myself tonight and I felt very led to just pray at first before I started. Then I felt that once I started I wanted to pray over every room. And so I did.  It was quite the emotional experience. I am sure some people do this every time they move and maybe everyday, but I am a Prayer Warrior in TRAINING for sure...and so it was a huge step for me.  I prayed in many different ways and very specifically for each room and the people(s) that would be in, around, beside it.  It was neat. By far one of the coolest experiences so far in Bixby!

Then I got to cleaning and I didn't get nearly as much as I wanted done but I was thankful for what I did get to do. We even had our first visitor at the new house tonight. We love drop-ins! It was fun.  I heart relationships!  My soul is thirsty for genuine Godly women to pour into me as I pour out.  I am thrilled to be in Bixby and get started and I truly feel at HOME.  It's been awhile since I could say that, and even though I can't spend the night in my new house yet, it's calling's home.  (temporary till heaven anyway).

One tidbit that was cool while I was cleaning all the windows.  (the sun room had 7 VERY large single pane windows)  I started windexing the insides first.  I had anticipated also cleaning the outsides, because truth be told, it'll be probably the ONLY time in the history of our living there that it'll get done :)  (I really wish I could say I was kidding, but I am NOT Susie Homemaker).  Anyway, funny thing, when you spend time with the Lord and have a right perspective and are open to hearing, he'll speak to you through all kinds of cleaning a window.

To the story...sorry.  Anyway, so I was cleaning the windows from the inside and noticed how, once I cleaned them I noticed just HOW dirty the outside was.  The Lord just showed me that sometimes we try very hard to clean (maintain) the outside of our lives that people see, but really it's the inside that needs the work first.  Once the inside was right, then I could really see where I needed to focus on the outside, in order to make it look like the inside.

I got to thinking that I could have done it in reverse order and maybe had the opposite analogy, but then He said, "no, because it's only when you have a clean heart (inside), and have the SUN (Son) shining IN that you can see the blemishes on the outside"  If you were clean on the outside, but not the inside, you'd have to be in the way of the sun (Son) in order to think it was clean on both sides....

Random, never know if it comes out in writing like it sounds in my head (gets through to my heart) but I am so thankful that the Lord speaks, and that occasionally I hear. :)

I love our new home and would love to show you around (aka...have your help moving in Thurs or Friday) :)

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